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Hulu 101: An All You Need To Know Guide

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Purpose: A persuasive piece about the benefits of using the TV service, Hulu.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is the new Netflix. As an ad-supported streaming device, it offers its users the chance to catch up on their favourite TV shows, recent movie releases, and brand new TV shows that are exclusive to Hulu, as part of the Hulu Originals.

With connection to the internet, Hulu subscribers can gain access to their favourite shows from popular channels such as ABC, CW, Fox and NBC. As part of the Hulu experience, the subscribers can gain access to brand new episodes of their shows just one day after they have aired, which is something unique to Hulu. Some competitor streaming services do not provide all of the seasons of each show and delete the shows from their service whenever they like, which can be quite frustrating – this is something that you can avoid with Hulu, as they have the most TV content out of all the streaming services, with back catalogues of shows that you can watch to your heart’s content.

How to use Hulu

Once you have subscribed to Hulu, with either the limited adverts package or the free-from adverts package, you can access the service through many different devices. As it is an internet connection based service, you can view your favourite movies and TV shows through multiple devices, such as your game console, smart TV, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Once you go onto the Hulu website, you will be offered a free one-week trial to see if the service meets your need. You are able to choose from two different packages; one that has limited adverts and is therefore cheaper, and one that has no adverts and is therefore more expensive. Each subscription is on a per month basis. Once you have begun your free trial, your subscription will automatically become a paid subscription, so remember that if you do not wish to continue to that stage, you will have to cancel your subscription on the last day of the free week trial.

When your subscription is set up, you will have a login and password. Next you will need a device to play it on. As mentioned above, you can use your laptop or computer by simply using an internet connection and visiting the Hulu website, where you can watch shows and movies straight on the browser. Alternatively, you can use an internet-enabled device, but make sure that it supports the Hulu app. There, you can login with your details and begin to stream your favourite TV shows and movies.

Pros & Cons


  • Hulu provides the service to watch the shows you missed just last night through many of the most popular American channels – something that no other streaming service provides.
  • Hulu subscriptions offer more content than most other streaming services, with thousands of episodes available at any time.
  • Benefit from improved visuals with your subscription, as content is streamed in 720p HD.
  • Easy use and navigation, even when using the app on your smartphone.
  • You can watch several Hulu Original TV shows that are not available anywhere else.


  • Commercials can somewhat ruin the experience, especially if you are used to commercial free streaming sites such as Netflix or Now TV.
  • Sports or news channels are not available through the service.
  • There are less movies to browse from in comparison to major competitors.
  • Some content is web-only, meaning it cannot be played through other devices.


As a joint venture between many large media networks, Hulu has the power to accomplish great things in the video streaming service industry. With the addition of the Hulu Originals, this service has some originality that other competitors do not have, however it has been argued that the general quality of the Hulu Original shows does not compare to Netflix Original shows.

The main benefit of using Hulu is the quick and reliable TV show service – no other streaming service allows you to catch up on your favourite shows just one day after they have originally aired. As well as their extensive collection of TV shows and episodes, you know that there is always going to be something to watch. If you are a TV lover, then Hulu may be the best service for you.