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Copywriting that gets results, from writers who love writing

Hi there!

We’re Eddy and Lauren; life partners who have become business partners, because it’s not only a child we share, but a passion: writing.

Our mission

Writing defines who we are – to us, there’s untold and endless majesty in the written word. It’s with this in mind that we want to create lasting relationships with our clients and continue producing amazing content that we’re passionate about and that achieves results. We want you to feel safe relying on us.

We know exactly what we want, and we aren’t afraid to go for it. Better to ask than never know, right?

On top of that, we want to make our daughter proud. Pretty simple.

Why the heck are we called SeventeenEleven?

When deliberating over what to call our copywriting business, we knew we wanted a name that not only sounded good, but which also meant something to us. Then it came in a flash: SeventeenEleven (17/11) is the date our daughter was born. It couldn’t get more personal or more important than that.